Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The Cinco de Mayo holiday inspired me to dig through my collection for some music from Mexico.

I selected mostly songs written by Mexican composers but performed by artists I've featured before on my sets. You'll find some fun covers of
La Bamba and Cielito Lindo by Arsenio Rodriguez. We also got Perez Prado with Rebeca (written by Wello Rivas) and Maria Bonita (written by Agustin Lara). I had to include a couple Javier Solis tracks just because I like those particular songs so much.

I hope you enjoy this set. It's a bit slower than a typical arepafunk set, but don't worry, next week you won't be able to keep still.

Hasta la proxima! Ciao


  1. At some point, are you gonna give some love to the Dominicans and the old school merengue and salsa they created?

  2. I will definitely be showing los dominicanos some love. I have some Wilfrido Vargas and some Johnny Ventura that your gonna love. Also, remember that Johnny Pacheco es dominicano and he's the recording director on most of the Fania albums that I play. If you have any specific requests please email me - johnny@arepafunk.com Thanks for the feedback! Ciao