Monday, May 25, 2009

Arepa con Queso

Yo! I've been really bad at keep this blog and the podcast up-to-date on a weekly basis. I apologize to all of you that visit weekly. I should be back on track now.

The good news is I did some record hunting and picked up some great stuff while I was in San Francisco this past weekend. I look forward to showing off some of these great finds in the coming weeks.

Arepa con Queso is a set I put together right before I left for my little vacation to Sacramento/SF. It is made up of all Colombian music. The last four songs were written by the legendary Rafael Escalona who passed away on May 13th. Click here to learn more about his life. QEPD



  1. Sir, I'm a big fan of your arepafunk as I'm a total Colombiaphile. However, I recently attempted to wow my friends with my authentic colombian freinds... they said it was 'musica de las momas y papas.' Anyway, I don't care what it is... I like it. Please continue the good's hard to find good south american music on I-tunes.

  2. Sorry, that should have said 'authentic colombian music' not friends. as my friends are colombians they are clearly authentic colombians.