Saturday, March 28, 2009

Platano Frito

Don't act surprised, I told you this week's set was gonna be fresh! BANANAS!

Willie Colon starts it up for us with the title track from his debut album "El Malo". This album also served as the debut for Hector Lavoe as the singer for the Willie Colon Band. Thank you Johnny Pacheco for linking these two up - what a legendary combo.

Some of you really liked Ray Barretto's "Right On" from my Chitos set from 2 weeks back, so I made sure to include "The Soul Drummers" this week - definitely a similar sound/feel. Muy groovy.

After that you got some Joe Cuba, more Lavoe, Bataan, Palmieri, Hermanos Lebron, and even some Niche. Eeaaaave Maria, que mas quieren?

Bueno mi people, enjoy the set and continue to spread the word about arepafunk.

Mucho thank you.