Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fresh Pandebono

Happy New Year!

Joey Pastrana and his Orchestra "Cuidate Compay" (Cotique)
Los Falcons "Aquellos Diciembres" (RCA Victor)
Orquesta Los Melodicos "La Murga" (Discolando)
Conjunto Sensacion "Congas Callejeras" (Tropical)
Machito y sus Afro-Cubanos "Mambo Infierno" (Tropical)
La Plata Sextette "Que Buena Esta" (Tropical)
Rey Roig y su Orquesta "Borracho No Vale" (Salsoul)
Gran Banda CaleƱa "El Son de Celina" (Discos CBS)
Hector Lavoe "Songoro Consongo" (Fania)
El Gran Combo "Y No Hago Mas Na'" (Combo)

Some great tracks here - I'm really diggin'
Congas Callejeras, Mambo Infierno and Songoro Consongo. Aquellos Diciembres is appropriate for the season, no?

I wish you all good health and lots of fun in 2010. I will do my best to squeeze in as many arepafunk episodes as I can this year. Thanks for listening!

Oh, I can't believe I haven't mentioned this 'til now - Watch Modern Family on ABC, its the greatest show on TV right now, palabra.

Peace, Johnny