Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lentejas con Arroz

Eavamaria, I am pretty bad at this blogging thing. I have had this slow jams set ready for more than a week, I just haven't made time to post it up. True old school tracks - my grandma and Nana (my grandma's aunt) were totally groovin' and singing along to this in the car the other day when we were out and about. That's how I know its good. =)

So, I just got back from the Hollywood Bowl. Poncho Sanchez, Eddie Palmieri and Sergio Mendes were performing. AMAZING. I had so much fun. Those of us who live out here in LA need to take advantage of the Hollywood Bowl being in our backyard- it is so wonderful.

There was a rapper that performed with Sergio Mendes and his band. I'm not sure if I liked it. I am a huge hip hop fan and some of my favorite performers are hip hop artists (Crown City Rockers, Living Legends, Zion I), but I still think that I would have preferred Sergio without the hip hop addition. It's weird - I'd go see this MC again because he was good, but I think he sort of diluted the latin groove on stage. It's like adding ice cubes to your wine (I've heard of people who do this). Yeah, I guess its refreshing but I'd much rather have my wine without the ice. You be the judge... check out H2O on his myspace.

I will be including some Eddie Palmieri on the next podcast so don't forget to come back soon. I am going to get better with my consistency here, en serio! =P