Sunday, April 12, 2009

Arroz Chino

So this week I found a set of 45's that belong to my Pops. You know when you find a dollar in your pocket? Well, it was something like that. Except, I did cartwheels. Maybe you do cartwheels too when you find a buck? No se.

Anyway, the first selection for this week came from that stack of 45's. It's a song called Pesebre by Grupo la Droga. I couldn't find any info on this group on the net (fun name though). This track is funky - I can't get enough of it.

There is a funny intro to Sono Sono by the Alegre All Stars - it's the voice of Kako , the timbalero. Cheo Feliciano provides the vocals on that track and then you hear him again on the next track El Pito by the Joe Cuba Sextet. Back to back Cheo - you can't beat that.

Charlie Palmieri's Tiene Sabor will make you wanna dance if you weren't already. Be on the lookout, he plays the melodica towards the end and it sounds so dope.

Saludos a Michelle, who I caught checkin' out this blog. Gracias chica! Atleast I know someone is reading this =)

Alright friends of arepafunk, have a great week.