Saturday, April 18, 2009

Café de Desayuno

I'm not sure what you'll think of the first track by Tipica '73. It's starts off slow (give it like 2 minutes to pick up). In the liner notes we learn that all tracks on this side of the album are the "concert" tracks, where the group has the opportunity to stretch out and "perform without the time or tempo restrictions of dance music." I just love how the violin and electric guitar sort of duel at around the 6 minute mark. La Tipica '73 were pretty famous in the 70's and early 80's - the funny thing is that they were formed by a bunch of guys from Ray Barretto's band (you might have noticed arepafunk loves Barretto).

Next you have San Lazaro by Celina y Reutilio. This woman has so much soul in her voice, and her hubby Reutilio is sick with it on the guitar. Did you know that, in the UK, Celina is known as the "Queen of Cuban Country Music"? Bueno, now you know.

Despues sigue una cumbia de Peter Delis. Delis was awarded a gold record by Discos Fuentes for this album (pictured). This was a big deal because never before had a foreigner received this award in Colombia (Delis es argentino).

That last track goes out to all the ladies that look so good in their minifaldas. Cambia el paso, que se te rompe el vestido. =P

Jaja, Okay my people. Take it easy.