Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Your Support is needed...

Hola gente linda!

I got a friend working on an important film about violence against women in Guatemala but she needs your support!! She needs to raise $5000 by October 12th in order to fund her final trip to Guatemala. So... PILAS EVERYONE, lets help her reach her goal!

The documentary is called Justice for my Sister and if you want to learn more about the film or if you are ready to donate click here.

Also, there are a ton of cool premiums if you decide to donate, check it out!

PLUS - for those of you who donate or help spread the word just email me at and I will hook you up with an exclusive 60-minute arepafunk set. That's right, just like that! Email me ya'll, its good for ya health!

oh, and for all my mexicanos and mexicanas out there... VIVA MEXICO! 200 years of independence for ya'll who don't know.

I got an episode coming very, very soon, Leche con Cafe, be on the lookout!


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